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'#MadeInAlbanyGA' visits Adco Professional Products plant

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The CEO of an Albany manufacturer credits a business-friendly environment with his company's choice to remain, and even add jobs, at it's South Georgia location.   

Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission members took a behind-the-scenes tour Tuesday of Adco, the maker and distributor of a dry-cleaning product, as part of its monthly '#MadeInAlbanyGA' campaign.

Almost three years ago, Adco was purchased by its competitor, R.R. Street, a 104-year-old Chicago based company.

Street CEO Marc Beard said the company looked at moving after buying Adco but credits a 'super-friendly' community that understands manufacturing needs, with the company's decision to remain in Albany.

"Here's an example. In order to grow, we needed natural gas here. So, we picked up the phone and called up the city, and within four weeks we had a natural gas pipeline brought into the building. In our current business environment in Chicago, that never would have happened. It really is this community's willingness to work with local businesses," said Beard.   

Beard said Street is looking to move even more production work to the Albany plant, which mostly packages and distributes products.

The Albany location currently has 16 employees, and a couple more positions will be added in research and training, according to Beard, who also said the local workforce has an eagerness to work.

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