Sen. Perdue: Dems issue 'misinformation' on Obamacare

Sen. Perdue: Dems issue 'misinformation' on Obamacare

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WALB) - Georgia's junior U.S. Senator, David Perdue, spoke at 11:00 Monday night, after presiding over the Senate floor, to "combat [the] Democrat's continued stream of misinformation on the damaging effects of Obamacare, and why the Senate must act now to fix the failing health care system."

"I don't think there's a member of this United States Senate that doesn't want America to have the best health care in the world," Republican Perdue said. "The problem is, we have a campaign of disinformation that's underway right now and it is outrageous, and I cannot let it stand."

Perdue said there are really five health care systems in American today.

"We only talk about Obamacare right now, but there are five health care systems in America," said Perdue. "First, we have group policies. This is where the vast majority of Americans are in. Anybody who works in a company or in a large organization has a group policy. Then there's the individual market. The individual market is what Obamacare addresses, but it's only 13% of the entire health care system—only 13%. Then there's the VA, Medicare and Medicaid."

He said that Obamacare really hurts those it claims to help.

"In 2014, the IRS – under Obamacare – fined nearly eight million people almost $1.8 billion. The irony of that is that 85% of the people that were fined $1.8 billion in 2014 made less than $50,000, and almost half of them made less than $25,000."

Perdue doesn't put much stock in the Congressional Budget Office.

"Today, the CBO is determined to be the Holy Grail up here in Washington. I haven't seen a number come out of the CBO that I would depend on, yet. In fact, in 2010, they overestimated the number of people who would sign up for Obamacare by 12 million people. They missed the estimate by more than 50%. This isn't a rounding error."

"The premiums under Obamacare, prior to this year, over the last two years, are up over 105% in America. Democrats say premiums are going up because of uncertainty coming out of the White House. This year's rates were determined last year before we even knew President Trump was going to be a nominee. It sounds like a good story, until you see the facts."

He said that Georgians should be ready for much higher premiums.

"The premiums in my state of Georgia alone, going into next year, are going up 42%... and here's the untold truth. In my state, 96 of 159 counties only have one carrier. That's a monopoly. They can pretty much do whatever they want. That's under Obamacare, not anything else we're talking about. That's the reality today."

Perdue said that 'Single-Payer' is the goal of Democrats, and such a plan would cause premiums to double.

"Big government does not work in situations like this. I lived under a single-payer. This is the alternative that Democrats are after. I've heard it mentioned three times on the floor of the Senate tonight. We cannot go there. It bifurcates delivery. It would add $3.2 trillion – that's more than we spend on all mandatory expenses today – every single year. That's impossible. If you think that will work, imagine this. Go home and look at your tax bill. Whatever you paid the federal government last year, double it."

Senator David Perdue is the only Fortune 500 CEO in Congress and is serving his first term in the United States Senate, where he represents Georgia on the Armed Services, Banking, Budget, and Agriculture Committees.

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