Energy efficiency grant could help Moultrie residents save money

Energy efficiency grant could help Moultrie residents save money
The grant can only be used by homeowners (Source: WALB)
Organizers met Monday (Source: WALB)
Organizers met Monday (Source: WALB)

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - People with energy inefficient homes in Moultrie could use a new grant to save money on their utility bills.

Organizers said they're still figuring out the application process, but wanted to hold a preliminary meeting Monday.

They add the money could help people make weatherization fixes to things like windows, heaters and insulation.

Officials said each household is eligible for up to $50,000, but they only have around $300,000 total to give out. So, most applicants will not receive the maximum.

The state CHIP grant was something city leaders and those in a group called "It Takes a Village and Villagers" thought could help a lot of people in Moultrie.

"We have a lot of houses in the community that need upgrading," said Susie Magwood-Thomas, a Moultrie City Councilwoman. "They really do because we have a lot of complaints from citizens about utilities. We realize that the ones that are complaining are complaining because their houses are not insulated and they're not weatherized."

Magwood-Thomas said the organization will publicize the grant application process on social media, through fliers and the newspaper.

They add that homeowners should keep a look out there to learn more as they get further instructions.

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