ABAC plans multi-million dollar project

ABAC plans multi-million dollar project

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is hoping to get a multi-million dollar fine arts facility next year.

It's a $21.4 million project that could help attract a bigger art student population.

ABAC's fine arts, theater arts, and music have never had a facility dedicated to for those programs, but now a new building could soon replace Weltner Hall.

"It's a permanent home for fine arts, which is really important," ABAC's President David Bridges said.

Bridges said ABAC is the only associate's degree school with degrees in music and the fine arts in all of Georgia.

It's a two-year music program primarily focused on jazz, voice and instrumental.

Bridges said there are many students who participate in music and theater programs who are not fine arts majors.

"But it is a significant part of our college and they've just never really had appropriate space to function in," explained Bridges.

Remington Miller graduates in December and won't be able to utilize the fine arts building, but still, thinks one devoted space for fine arts is key.

"I am excited about it because we need a fine arts building," Miller said.

Bridges also wants the new arts facility to be a prominent place for students, faculty and staff.

"That's really important messaging-wise because agricultural is part of the college's name," Bridges explained, "We are viewed as an agriculture college, but if you look at the front circle we have nursing and health sciences. We have business on the front circle and we'll have fine arts in the front circle."

Bridges said the building will mirror the health sciences building on the opposite end of the historic circle.

Bridges said he will be advocating to get this project in the Governor's budget in the fall.

If the school receives funding, the project is set to begin in 2018.

In addition, Bridges also wants to renovate the Carlton Library.

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