Tifton boutique sees boost in sales because of new school uniform policy

Tifton boutique sees boost in sales because of new school uniform policy

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Since school uniforms are now required for the first time in Tift County Public Schools, and students going into Pre-K through fifth grade will have a much easier time picking out their outfits.

Katie Arnold is a salesperson at Aero Boutique. She's been working there for a year and a half and said that younger children and their parents are new clients for the store.

"We say normally our ideal customer is a teacher but we do also cater to the middle schoolers and high schoolers. So with the uniforms, people were concerned that the kids wouldn't come in and buy the cute tops and jeans, they would just have to order the uniforms," Arnold explained.

But that wasn't the case. The store has seen a rise in sales since they started selling uniforms a month ago.

Preschool and elementary students are required to wear: White, gray or navy collared shirts, khaki or navy skirts, jumpers, long shorts or dress pants.

"I kinda feel like I have to make them feel happy about wanting to wear it. So that's what's tough," Arnold said.

Arnold doesn't just want to help young girls feel confident but also help the store's growth.

"People were really concerned that it was going to hurt our business, but because we don't normally cater to these young kids, we normally help the middle schoolers and high schoolers, it's actually helped us a lot because we now have this whole other market we wouldn't have tapped before," Arnold said.

Arnold said she has even seen a more diverse clientele.

"We do have a lot of customers we wouldn't normally see, I don't think, come in and get the uniforms," Arnold said.

Arnold said they even had to order a second shipment of uniforms since the boutique has been so popular.

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