Lea Henry finds perfect blend for 'Camp of Champs'

Lea Henry finds perfect blend for 'Camp of Champs'

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For 33 years Lea Henry's annual basketball camp has provided a wealth of knowledge for south Georgia kids.

The Olympic gold medalist has recently found an even better way to reach the kids.

The 33rd annual Lea Henry Camp of champs wrapped up this afternoon.

Throughout the two weeks, campers learned from some of the best coaches in south Georgia.

In the past few years, Henry has also enlisted the help of area college athletes.

She feels the camp now has the perfect blend for the kids to grow.

"What we've found is that the kids really relate well to the college athletes," said Henry who was recently hired as the next Dougherty County Athletic Director. "And they're just really good role models for them to show what its like to work hard and have the opportunity to earn a scholarship and play at the college level."

The campers used the new found skills in a camp of champs tournament to put a bow on the two weeks.

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