Editorial: MCLB helps South GA students with future careers

Editorial: MCLB helps South GA students with future careers

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - MCLB Albany is planning for the future and preparing students for potential career opportunities, right here at home.

This week, WALB reported on how the Marine Corps Logistics Base is taking steps now to fill positions that will be available within the next five years, and officials are hoping to fill those vacant positions with students from here in Southwest Georgia.

Over the summer, the base hired 76 students and it was the first time the base has hired this many students for their summer program.

So far, the students have gained vital career knowledge and are pleased with their experiences. Executive Deputy David Clifton, with Logistics Command, is also pleased with the students' performance.

"They've done a really good job here," he said. "They'll be finishing up within the next three to four weeks, and so we are very pleased with the quality of students that have come on board here. They've done a lot to help the command."

Looking ahead, the executive deputy said that approximately 1,000 people will be eligible to retire in about five years. That's good news for students who will be in search of possible career opportunities.

The base is planning to hire students again next summer, keeping in mind their need for long term employees. This is a great way to train needed employees and keep some of our South Georgia students at home.

We are again grateful for our local Marine base, and that they are such a vital part of our community.

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