Dougherty Co. workers fight mosquitoes as West Nile Virus confirmed

Dougherty Co. workers fight mosquitoes as West Nile Virus confirmed
Public Works Department members are out testing water (Source: WALB)
The water is treated (Source: WALB)
The water is treated (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Dougherty County environmental workers are continuing their fight against mosquitoes with new importance Tuesday because they know West Nile Virus is back.

Public Works is out spraying for mosquitoes five nights a week.

Environmental Control Manager Donell Mathis is in the county testing standing water.

"We'll just be looking for some samples," Mathis said.

He's looking for something that's creeping, crawling and could be dangerous to you.

"We do know that West Nile is not going anywhere, West Nile is here to stay," Mathis said.

Just this week, health officials confirmed the West Nile Virus was contracted by a person, who was hospitalized, in Dougherty County.

So, Mathis, like normal, is checking for mosquito larvae in hopes of stunting their growth with larvicide and limiting their ability to bite you.

"You can tell when you got em because they make a downward motion," Mathis said.

But the ditch he's checking Tuesday and treats on a monthly basis seems quiet.

"I haven't seen anything yet," Mathis said.

Despite the lack of the pest Tuesday and a gap of several years since the last West Nile Virus infection in the county, Mathis said it's important to keep yourself safe.

"We do get complacent because of the fact that we don't want to put on mosquito repellent, but it's important we do put on mosquito repellent," Mathis said.

He adds that long sleeves, pants, avoiding risky times outdoors and tossing out standing water can also help.

So, that you can enjoy your summer, without sacrificing your health.

Two other West Nile Virus cases have been reported in Georgia this year.

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