No tax free holiday worries GA shoppers

No tax free holiday worries GA shoppers

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - The end of summer is coming up fast and that means getting ready for a new school year.

Many people have said they would normally wait for the Tax Free Holiday Weekend to go shopping for uniforms and supplies, but state leaders didn't pass that legislation this year.

No sales tax holiday means more shoppers might be headed out of town.

"Georgia is not having one so we are going to shop in Florida," said Jennifer Pope.

Pope and her daughter Ashlyn were just shopping for vacation on Friday at a local store in Thomasville. But the Pope family said when it comes to back to school shopping they are taking their business to Florida.

"When you spend three or $400 on school clothes it saves a significant amount, it's worth the drive," explained Pope.

Leaders in communities that border the Florida line said this is the first time since 2010 that the state has not renewed this tax-free holiday.

"We're competing with Florida that is still offering that to their citizens. So it's particularly hurtful to our local retailers," said Paul Hamilton, Lowndes Co. Economic Committee Chairman

Hamilton said local store owners are estimating their sales could decrease from 16 to 20 percent just from loss of this popular shopping weekend.

There are plans in place that local businesses are hoping will still bring customers in the door.

Managers at Ally B Boutique in Thomasville said they always see an increase in customers come this time of year.

"We carry school appropriate clothing, that way our customers are happy and parents are happy," said Myers.

Employees said they are planning some back to school shopping events and are hoping people will stay in Thomasville to shop.

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