Local farmers participate in Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day

Local farmers participate in Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day

On Thursday hundreds of farmers gathered at Spence Field in Moultrie-- for the Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day.

"Agriculture, even with the challenges it brings, is always a industry of eternal optimism. We saw part of that optimism this morning," said Ag Commissioner Gary Black.

An industry that is often referred to as 'the backbone of South Georgia' is forever evolving.

Thursday, folks hopped on a quick tour around the Sunbelt Ag Expo fields to see what local farmers are doing to protect and grow their crops.

"This is a sneak preview of what you can come back and see during the show. All of the crops will be harvested with the exception of corn," said Chip Blalock, Executive Director.

Cotton is a popular crop in this region, but growing it comes with some struggles.

Many farmers have to worry about Palmer Ameranth.

"This plant in 2003 was found to be resistant to round up. Since that time our cotton industry has invested one billion dollars in order to control this plant," said Stanley Culpepper a UGA Weed scientist.

Culpepper said Palmer Ameranth has been tough to combat in the field. Thursday, he was able to show different ways of growing cotton, some more resistant to this troubling weed than others.

Changing times also calls for changing equipment.

Thursday, farmers were able to see new technology they can use in the field.

"We continue to move forward, bigger, better, faster. A farmer is just like anyone else, he appreciates the easy and simplicity of equipment, and how it works," said Jimmy Laska, KMC VP of Sales.

A day full of new knowledge to help Georgia's farmers, which in turn, helps the community.