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Lee Co. commissioners to vote on proposed EMS station

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Lee Co. Commission Chairman Dennis Roland (Source: WALB) Lee Co. Commission Chairman Dennis Roland (Source: WALB)
Lee Co. Commissioner Rick Muggridge (Source: WALB) Lee Co. Commissioner Rick Muggridge (Source: WALB)

Lee County commissioners will hold a special meeting on Thursday evening to vote on their proposed $24 million-dollar budget.

If passed, the county could build another public safety response station but some taxpayers are wondering if the price tag is too high.

The proposed public safety response station in the northern part of Lee County has been the center of a heated budget debate.

"It's probably the most furthest part of the county that doesn't have any protection," said Roland.  

Commission Chairman Dennis Roland was in full support of the new station explaining it will help quicken the response time.

The proposed Basic Life Support Unit station would be located on Highway 195

Roland said the closest station in Smithville was a 20-minute drive for some residents. 

But with a staggering $400,000 price tag, some commissioners said there are other ways to put the money to use. 

Commissioner Rick Muggridge remarked the county currently has the fastest EMS response times in the state. 

"If there's some glaring problem, if there's human cry from the public saying people are dying because we're not getting a response, that's just not the case," said Muggridge. 

Muggridge also explained only six percent of the population is outside a 5-mile limit of an existing station, which is why the majority of the stations are strategically located in the southern part of the county.

He also said the Smithville station which is the closest to the proposed one, the first responders get emergency calls once every 40 hours. 

"You know if it was strictly about life, I think there's other ways we can spend $400,000.  

Muggridge remarked the money could be used to build a training center.

Also, the funds could be used to upgrade the Palmyra station, and enhance the EMS and Fire fleet.

Roland, however, was hopeful the budget will get passed with the proposed station at Thursday's commissioner meeting.

It's at 5:30 p.m. at the Lee County Government Center.

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