Google Education Summit at Valdosta High School

Google Education Summit at Valdosta High School

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - School is in at Valdosta high, but not for your traditional students.

Teachers were the recipients of Wednesday's assignments.

The Google Education Summit brought all the technical and mobile know-how to help advance learning.

Keynote speaker Joe Marquez said that most traditional teachers are afraid to try new things.

He hopes the summit will change that.

"We're not trying to change the way teachers teach. A 20-year veteran teacher is a phenomenal teacher, that's why they've been around for so long, so we don't want to change the way that they're teaching. We want to try to change the way that they reach their kids," said Marquez

The objective of the summit is to incorporate phones, tablets, and other smart devices into lesson plans.

"Failure is okay. Trying something new and having it not work, that's not really failing. That's trying something, and realizing I can tweak it this way, or I can do it this way, or this isn't going to work for my classroom," said Marquez.

Assistant Superintendent Scarlet Brown said having the Google summit here is not only an honor, but it is crucial for students.

"Technology is a must, it's like air, they have to have it. They have to be able to utilize it and leverage it to transform our world," said Brown.

Marquez said that kids today expect to have technology in the classroom.

It is no longer an option not to have it.

Valdosta City School's Teacher of the Year Shila Heeter said these tools make learning fun for her students.

"I have a class set of iPads in my classroom and I just went to a session on virtual classrooms or virtual field-trips, so I'll definitely start incorporating that into my classroom," said Heeter.

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