"Battle of the Throne" the first step to a kickball league

"Battle of the Throne" the first step to a kickball league
Jasmine Anderson (Source: WALB)
Jasmine Anderson (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Battle of the Throne kickball tournament kicked off early Saturday morning.

Team Heat Southwest Athletics of Georgia is hosting a two-day tournament at Gordon Sports Complex.

Squads came from all over the region to participate in the pay for play tourney.

There are 9 teams in the women's tournament with $1,000 and a trophy on the line for first place.

Each squad paid $30 per player for entry.

Team Heat is attempting to start an adult and children's kickball league in Albany.

They plan to use the funding from this weekend to support it's launch.

"Kickball is the new thing," said Team Heat player Jasmine Anderson. "It's an up and coming sport. a lot of people are becoming very interested in it. It's not just a kids game anymore its for adults as well."

The co-ed tournament will start Sunday morning at the same park.

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