Albany Fire Department gets multiple fire calls

Albany Fire Department gets multiple fire calls
Fire at South Mock Road in Albany. (Source: WALB)
Fire at South Mock Road in Albany. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Units of the Albany Fire Department responded to two fire calls in the city Friday afternoon.

One is a commercial fire in the 500 block of Pine Avenue, and the other is in the 1400 block of South Mock Road, on the city's east side.

Chief Ron Rowe said a large pecan tree limb fell across a service line, pulled the weatherhead away from the house and sparked the blaze.

Police closed off the entire 500 block of Pine Avenue as crews battled the blaze.

According to Rowe, the home that was built in 1860 is not a total loss. The attic and the roof are burned, there's water damage inside, but a lot of the house is salvageable.

"It spread really fast. It went from just that corner of the house where that little awning is, and it spread upwards and slowly over," said Zoe Phillips, who witnessed the fire.

Rowe said that Attorney Phil Cannon lives at the house on Pine Avenue that caught fire.

Cannon was not home at the time the of the fire.

Rowe told WALB that he doesn't believe anyone was inside the Pine Avenue house when the fire started.

Five firefighters were treated on scene to keep them hydrated, but they were all doing fine Friday night.

The roads around the Pine Avenue home have been reopened.

The call for the fire on Pine came in around 3:45 p.m. on Friday.

Firefighters battled another fire across the city on Friday, off of South Mock Road.

Albany Fire Investigator Sam Harris said they responded to two fires at the same mobile home Friday.

The first just after noon and the second just before 4 p.m.

Harris said the second fire started due to a wiring problem after the first fire.

The home's renter Katrina McDowell said neither she nor her kids were home at the time of the fire and she's thankful nobody was hurt.

"That's everything. I had just got back on my feet. It feels horrible to know you don't have anywhere to go right now," explained McDowell.

Harris said the mobile home was a complete loss.

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