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South Georgians lobby D.C. ahead of 2018 Farm Bill

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Lawmakers are already beginning work crafting a new Farm Bill. 

The current Agricultural Act of 2015, better known as the Farm Bill, expires next year.

According to data from the USDA website, the Farm Bill costs $489 billion dollars over its five year life span.

In late June, Albany businessman and Quail Forever member Bo Henry joined wildlife hunting conservationists from across the country in Washington, D.C educating representatives ahead of the farm bill.

Henry said there were "about 20 people" from states including Florida, the Dakotas, Texas, Illinois and Colorado.

Henry said agriculture's economic impact is enormous in rural communities, and the Farm Bill needs to sustain and support rural America's needs.

"The economy can't take hits of what is their biggest economic driver, which is in most of those areas, agriculture. As well as us (in Southwest Georgia)," said Henry.

Conserving quail wildlife habitat was one message discussed with lawmakers.

Members of Quail Forever and Pheasant Forever made up the volunteer lobbying group.

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