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Phone scammers use Facebook info in 'bail bondsman' scam

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The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office reported that they are receiving lots of recent complaints from people who have lost thousands of dollars to scammers.

The scammers are pretending to be law enforcement officers, but it's suspected they are really prison inmates.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators are staying busy because a number of people are falling victims to scams, and the victims are losing big cash.

"I know they hit one guy from Tallahassee, sent $5,000.  And I know a guy from Duval County sent $5,000 to get their grandchild out of jail," said Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Craig Dodd.

But their grandchild was not in jail. It's called the public defender scam. They call people and tell them they are the lawyer representing a loved one who is in jail and needs to get bond.

"And they were both senior citizens. That's who they really target.  And they get a lot of information off Facebook," said Dodd.

The scammers get the names of children and grandchildren off Facebook, and call their relatives with the story they need bail.  Some scammers are saying they are jailed in Dougherty County.  

"The public defender scam is probably coming out of the prison system," said Dodd.

That's right, investigators suspect inmates all day are checking Facebook looking for victims to target. Investigators say scammers are also ripping off people telling them they owe money to the IRS, and are about to be arrested.

"That there is a U.S. Marshal in Columbus, or someplace like that, that has warrants for your arrest," said Dodd.

Of course, they say you won't be arrested if you give them your credit card number. These scams are being very successful, ripping off thousands of dollars from victims.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators are hearing from victims across Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, who have been told their loved one was in jail here. Investigators say if you get a phone call like this, just hang up.

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