Valdosta police make arrest after vehicle break-in

Valdosta police make arrest after vehicle break-in

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - "It's not safe. It's just a new generation of change, so you have to go above and beyond for your safety," said Toshiba Haywood.

Haywood is a resident that resides near the 1000 block of Park Avenue, where a 53-year-old man entered and stole from a car parked outside a local business while the owner was inside.

Police say Steve Madison was spotted inside the victim's vehicle by a customer inside the business.

Surveillance video from the owner helped police identify Madison as a frequent customer.

Investigators say not even two hours after identifying Madison, he returned to the business.

Tiffany Smith, a member of the community, said she will now be more aware of her surroundings.

"That's very scary to know that someone is watching you. Because in my eyes you have to watching. And to know someone is watching you, your every move to wait til you go in the store, I would be petrified," said Smith.

Madison has been arrested and accused of "theft by entering auto."

This incident is just one of many.

Valdosta Police Department officials said there have been between 90 to 100 car break-ins in the last month and a half.

Several incidents can be linked to one group of offenders.

Everybody is not the same, because in your heart of hearts you may not steal somebody's stuff, but other people have things on their mind about taking people's stuff," said Smith.

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