Fake money popping up in South Georgia

Fake money popping up in South Georgia

CALHOUN CO., GA (WALB) - Law enforcement officials are warning business owners that fake money is exchanging hands across the country.

In fact, several businesses in Calhoun County have accidentally taken fake money from customers.

Police issued a warning to all to make sure you aren't the next victim.

"We had one guy try to use it at two businesses in the same day," local business owner Uday Petal said. "It's ridiculous."

Some of the fake money being passed around was used in motion pictures.

"The bills have been passed in about every business in town," Edison Police Chief Walt Ingram said. "In the gas station grocery store. People have even tried to pass it at the bank."

Recently Calhoun County Sheriff Josh Hilton arrested Darrell Aaron Burrows, 28, after he was caught using fake money.

"It comes and goes," Hilton said. "Just recently we've been seeing some more of it."

Ingram said he's seen it too. He's been trying to warn business owners about the money ever since it popped up.

"They try to pass them off with two or three bills at a time and some of them are fake money," Ingram said. "People will just count it real quick and they'll see the real money and just put it in the drawer and don't realize it until afterwards."

That was what happened to one of the clerks at Petal's convenience store.

"I think at that point she was in a hurry so she didn't check it out," explained Petal.

From far away the bill can look real, but when you look at them up close, it's clear they're fake.

"On the $100 bills it's even written for cinema use only," Ingram said.

Patel said he makes sure to use this counterfeit pen now. He said it's worth it to take the extra time because a fake bill hurts business.

"A $100 bill pays off you know, you have to sell so many items in the store to get the $100 bill," Petal said.

Since he became aware of how often the bills are used, Patel said he's been able to catch a few people.

If your business has seen the money, you should contact local law enforcement.

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