One year anniversary of Three Oak shooting

One year anniversary of Three Oak shooting

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A year later, Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress can still recall the exact moment in time that his officer, Randall Hancock was shot.

Hancock responded to a vehicle break-in 911 call.

His first call of the day.

A call that would change his life forever.

"Randall Hancock is my hero. because I can tell  you, when you go back and look at that body camera video and look at how he handled that situation, I mean I, you find me somebody else that's cool under pressure and I'll call you a liar," said Childress.

Once Hancock arrived on the scene, police stated Stephen Beck opened fire on Hancock, attempting a suicide by cop.

Hancock was shot three times before managing to hit Beck.

A tragic event that made the community come together.

"You cannot wait for bad things to happen before you start engaging the community," said Childress.

he said no call is a routine call, this could happen any day, anytime, anywhere.

Childress said "These incidents, you don't want them to happen, but they are a training ground no matter what."

After having two officer involved shootings in 2016, Childress said he hopes that it doesn't happen again, but is prepared if it does.

"Could it ever happen again? I hope not. But if it does happen again, my priorities are going to be to take care of the officer first and care of the person that was shot. Hopefully it never happens again, And then we're going to be transparent," said Childress.

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