Veterans to work through PTSD during Fourth of July

Veterans to work through PTSD during Fourth of July

The sight and sound of fireworks may be exciting for some viewers, but for veterans it can sometimes trigger signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

On the holiday weekend, it's especially important for veterans and family members to be aware of things that may prompt unpleasant memories. 
One psychotherapist we spoke with says a variety of things could evoke difficult emotions, including anything from debris on the sides of roads to large gatherings of people.

Veterans who are suffering from PTSD are advised by psychotherapist Ann Priddy to download relaxation apps such as Calm or Brain Wave or interacting with a pet.

"It may be time for them to make a really honest appraisal about how they're coping. And if they recognize that they do have PTSD symptoms, it may be wise for them to consider therapy," Priddy said.

If talking to someone is not an option for this weekend, Priddy also suggests for family members to be aware of a veteran's needs. 
She says listening to their needs is important to prevent distressing memories.

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