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Albany dance team travels to see "Dancing Dolls"

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22 members of an Albany dance team will travel to Jacksonville, FL this week to see a professional dance team performance.

The Kummin Attractions dance team from Cheer Up, made up of girls from ages 4 to 19, will be going to watch the "Dancing Dolls" tour, dancers from a popular television show.

The girls are learning dance techniques, to help them be able to join their high school dance teams, or maybe even become professional dancers themselves one day.  

These girls dance lessons are often held in the instructors front yard, so they are excited to be able to see the show and hopefully ask questions of the team.

"How is your energy always 100%. Because your know you always might pipe down a little because you get tired," said Asante Gervin, a dancer.

"I wish I could be a dancer like them. Flexible like them," said Jemeria Martin, a dancer.

The Albany team will leave Friday morning for Jacksonville to see the professional dancing show.

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