Guest Editorial: Albany leaders reflect on city's progress

Guest Editorial: Albany leaders reflect on city's progress

In a guest editorial, several leaders with the City of Albany created a video reflecting on the progress of the 2016-2017 year.

Sharon Subadan: As City Manager I often get asked: what does the City of Albany Municipal Government do? The 2016-2017 year was a big year for the City of Albany, so let's review exactly what we've done over the past year.

Latoya Cutts: We collaborated with Boys & Girls Club to provide full-service programming in East Albany, including a new swimming pool and splash park, and state-of-the-art gym.

Chief Michael Persley: Broke ground on the Microbrewery.

Bruce Maples: Made significant progress with Fight Albany Blight (FAB) to eradicate or upgrade abandoned or dilapidated homes.

Sharon Subadan: Launched a total re-brand including a new mission, vision, new values and strategic priorities, complete with signage, videos, billboards, apparel, and vehicles.

Derrick Brown: We were also able to Remove dilapidated structures at Airport.

Phil Roberson: Completed the FY16 aggressive Budget with a reduction in the millage rate by reducing staff by 200 and eliminating dependence on MEAG credits.

Stephen Collier: Replaced 349 poles, 221 transformers and installed 50,000 new wires.

Sharon Subadan: We expanded the Utility with new high-speed internet and over 800 new customers, and put $400,000 toward blight removal

Chief Michael Persley: We hosted special Events Downtown, like the 4th of July Celebration Weekend and the Municipal Auditorium Centennial Celebration.

Chief Ron Rowe: Completion of CNG fueling station and CNG buses secured a $5 million Downtown Redevelopment Fund.

Derrick Brown: We deployed buses, shelters, and bus stops with our new logo.

Latoya Cutts: Established the rails to trails funding plan.

Derrick Brown: We implemented the land bank plan and put priority placement on SPLOST VII projects consistent with infrastructure emphasis.

Phil Roberson: We successfully presented the FY17 budget including modest millage roll back, reduction of $1.1m overall, reduction in FTE's, several new community initiatives, and simplifying the budget for citizens.

Chief Ron Rowe: Traffic signal upgrades at 12 locations, pedestrian crosswalk for 4th Avenue at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Chief Michael Persley: Purchased the riverfront retail property.

Phil Roberson: Preserved $500,000 in federal economic development initiative grants for the EDC.

Bruce Maples: The emergency repairs program rehabbed 31 single family residential units.

Chief Ron Rowe: Significant progress on rails to trails with gas line installation.

Bruce Maples: The flood hazard mitigation program rehabbed 8 single family residential units

Phil Roberson: Implemented an effective compensation strategy for employees,

Chief Ron Rowe: Purchase of former Synovus building with drive-thru teller service currently operating at 401 Pine, making 407 Pine available for redevelopment in September 2017.

Bruce Maples: We implemented the traffic calming program and initiated the P-25 project.

Phil Roberson: Saved $400,000 in annual insurance costs since the utility merger.

Chief Ron Rowe: Completion of $1.92 million of street resurfacing under the local maintenance improvement grant program.

Derrick Brown: Completed fire station 7, built the Kensington elevated water tank.

Chief Ron Rowe: We secured a plan approval for $40 million in GEFA loans for the Holloway basin stormwater projects.

Michael Persley: Public works was recognized by P&G.

Derrick Brown: Improvement to airport parking, and completed phases 1 and 2 of the SPLOST VI alley projects.

Latoya Cutts: Mars Chocolate North America Recognition.

Chief Ron Rowe: Received the GO! Transit Award of $1.9 million for Albany's Transit Center Project.

Latoya Cutts: 2015 Project of the Year Natural Gas Expansion –MillerCoors.

Phil Roberson: Received a "Clean" audit opinion.

Latoya Cutts: Received the Boys & Girls Clubs of America's Children are the Reason for Excellence (CARE) Award.

Chief Ron Rowe: 7 railroad crossing improvements.

Latoya Cutts: Received a Community Flood Rating Award.

Bruce Maples: Processed 193 New Business License requests.

Latoya Cutts: A Growth Award from Tree City USA.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard: We've accomplished a great deal in the past year, because of your hard work and dedication to this community. On behalf of the city of Albany: thank you.

Sharon Subadan: Thank you for making the past year such a huge success, and for your commitment to continuing our achievements in the years to come to ensure that every day is a great day in Albany, GA.

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