VPD warns residents about rash of car break-ins

VPD warns residents about rash of car break-ins

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Guns, purses and cell phones are some of the items that are being stolen out of cars between the hours of midnight to 5 a.m. every night according to Valdosta Police.

The crime is happening at an alarming rate and police are hoping to put a stop to it.

Police believe a large group of teens are responsible for these break-ins.

They want the community to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity in their community.

Although the problem is prevalent in Valdosta, Chief Childress says it's a crime other departments in Southwest Georgia are dealing with as well.

There is a common trend that police are seeing with these break-ins.

"And they are stealing items. How are they doing it? We're making it easy for them. We're leaving doors unlocked," said Childress.

Police recently arrested Edward Williams, 17 in connection to three car break-ins.

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