Ashburn EMS station closure raises concerns

Ashburn EMS station closure raises concerns

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - Some Turner County residents are speaking out, after the county commission effectively voted to close an EMS station, to cut costs.

But the railroad tracks dividing the city of Ashburn are cause for concern.

Some people believe closing the Turner County EMS branch that operates out of the fire station on the west side, will delay response time in times of emergency.

The county commission passed a budget Tuesday that includes budget cuts, closing this EMS station. There will be no ambulance stationed on the west side of the tracks after the station closes.

Turner County EMS Director Robby Royal says two people were laid off, and one currently open position was cut.

Some residents say they are concerned that if there's an emergency on the west side, and an ambulance coming from the east side gets stopped by a train, how long will it take for them to respond?

Royal says he doesn't know for sure how much time his ambulances could get delayed, but he's figuring things out logistically to keep every citizen of Ashburn and Turner County safe.

"We're not hesitant if it means taking care of citizens, to call for mutual aid. That's what we do anyways. We do that anyways if we have multiple ambulances out, we've had Ashburn Fire Department go stand by with a patient until we could get there."

EMS Station 2 will close effective Saturday at 8 a.m.

We did speak with several Ashburn City Council members, who say they hope to address this issue in the coming months.

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