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Surveillance video forefront of Thursday's testimony in murder trial

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Surveillance video took center stage on Thursday in a lottery winner murder trial.

Dabrentise Overstreet is accused of killing Craigory Burch in Ben Hill County, just months after Burch won more than $400,000.

Police say Overstreet was one of 7 people that broke into Burch's home in January of last year and killed him.

On Thursday Ben Hill County investigator Patrick Hogan showed jurors multiple surveillance videos from January 20th, 2016, the night of the murder.

Hogan played video captured from a pawn shop and Flash Foods that are both close by the crime scene.

In the video from the Flash Foods, you can see a man get out of a Chevy Malibu.

In another video, hours later, a woman gets out of the Malibu.

Both of them can be seen inside the Flash Foods store.

In the video from outside the pawn shop, you can see the Chevy Malibu and a Silver Honda Accord.

Both cars have been brought up several times throughout the trial.

Keyona Davis, who is also facing murder charges in this case, testified on Tuesday.

She told jurors she drove the Honda Accord.

In the surveillance video from the pawn shop, you can see the two cars multiple times going by the pawn shop within minutes of when investigators believe the murder happened.

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