South Georgia computer experts warn to protect yourself against cyber attack

South Georgia computer experts warn to protect yourself against cyber attack
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The fast moving cyber attack moved across Europe, shutting down Russian banks, shipping lines, even the Chernobyl power plant.
It spread to the United States, attacking Pennsylvania hospital systems, even drug giant Merck Pharmaceutical, utilities, and airlines.

South Georgia computer experts say it could effect you.
NEOS Rob Collins said "It's very important that people take this very seriously, everywhere."

The attack exploits vulnerabilities in the windows operating system, encrypting data, and holding it for ransom.  Usually asking for 300 dollars in bitcoins.
Your data could be lost by opening the wrong email.
Collins said "Be very cautious about where you click or how your click. Make sure you are investigating that URL."

Computer security experts are in a race tonight to try to stop the cyber attack.  Collins said computer users need to prepare for more.
Collins said "This is going to continue and we are going to see more increases with these types of cyber attacks in the next few months and years.  And the reason why is because people are paying the ransoms. There is money to be made."

To protect yourself use long complicated passwords, mixing numbers and symbols.
Keep your operating system and anti virus software up to date.
Back your computer up on an external drive.
Don't click on suspicious emails or weblinks.

This attack is called PETYA, and is similar to last month's Wanna Cry attack that was based on hacking methods used by the NSA, which was released by hackers.
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