City of Thomasville purchases old Caterpillar plant; hopeful for new tenant

City of Thomasville purchases old Caterpillar plant; hopeful for new tenant

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The $8 million former Caterpillar plant is now off the market in Thomasville and could soon have a new tenant.

"When we have control of the building we are able to control who goes in it," said Thomasville Payroll Development Authority executive director, Shelly Zorn.

Instead of being used as a storage warehouse, Zorn said they have a different plan in mind, Code name Project Knight.

This plan could allow a new company that makes mayonnaise, dressings and sauces for chain restaurants to lease the plant in Thomasville.

"We want to make sure we sell it to somebody that has high quality jobs, well paying jobs with benefits, and also a great utility user and corporate citizen," said Zorn.

The food processing company is expect to bring 400 jobs to the area in the next several years.

The company would pay employees 18 dollars and hour with benefits.

"We are hopeful, but with all prospects we go through the process," said Zorn.

Zorn said bringing the 200 jobs back to Thomasville that were lost nearly 7 months ago during the Caterpillar closure is really their main goal.

"We not only want to put those displaced workers from caterpillar back to work , a lot of them have found new jobs but we know that that is the biggest thing that could boost our economy," said Zorn.

Zorn said if the company does not choose Thomasville as it's new plant site they will continue to search for a new tenant to move into 100 Caterpillar Way.

The company currently has 14 plants in the United States and Four in Canada.

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