Dawson police chief waives arraignment

Dawson police chief waives arraignment

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - The Dawson Police Chief Charlie Whitehead did not stand before a judge Monday. He waived his formal arraignment here at the Terrell County Courthouse.

According to Assistant DA Ron Smith, a formal arraignment is a procedure in the court where a defendant can have his or her charges read aloud. The defendant can then enter a plea.

If they do not wish to appear before the judge, they can apply to have their arraignment waived.

Chief Whitehead was indicted earlier this month for false statements and writings.

Investigators say It all stems from a stolen trailer that Whitehead said he inspected but didn't.

According to District Attorney Craig Earnest, the trailer was stolen by a man named Christopher Peters, who claimed it was home made when he tried to obtain a title for it.

Peters also waived his arraignment which was also scheduled for Monday.

We could hear pleas from both defendants next month and a trial could begin as early as August.

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