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Watermelon cooking demo surprises diners

The event was held at SGTC (Source:WALB) The event was held at SGTC (Source:WALB)
Chefs made a watermelon salsa (Sourc:WALB) Chefs made a watermelon salsa (Sourc:WALB)
Tonekita Rogers, attendee (Source:WALB) Tonekita Rogers, attendee (Source:WALB)
Johnny Davis, chef (Source:WALB) Johnny Davis, chef (Source:WALB)

As watermelons are being celebrated in Cordele, the fruit has made an unlikely appearance on some dinner plates.

Like any kitchen, the oil is sizzling and hot pots and pans are being put to good use, but the aroma that’s floating through the room is being made by a dish that might surprise you.  

“A grilled watermelon salsa with a chicken breast,” Chef Johnny Davis said, to a group of people watching his demonstration at the South Georgia Technical College - Cordele Center.  

Students and Davis are cooking an ode to Cordele’s most popular fruit.

In a bowl, the flesh of a watermelon is meeting up with onions and cilantro. It’s a typical salsa, with a South Georgia twist.

“When I first heard about it, I was like uhhh theyre going to do watermelon," Tonekita Rogers, who attended the event, said. "So, its very interesting. It tastes very good.”

Its a dish a seasoned chef never thought he’d be whipping up.

 “I started cooking when I was 15 years old," Davis said. "I’ve done it professionally for 17 years now."

 That daring spirit is put smiles on faces and forced taste buds to do a double take.  

The South Georgia Technical College- Cordele Center offers culinary arts and food programs. You can learn about them at the school's website

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