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Parents & students can find latest realignment info on DCSS website

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J.D. Sumner, DCSS Spokespersonn (Source: WALB) J.D. Sumner, DCSS Spokespersonn (Source: WALB)

The Dougherty County School System is now offering details on next school year's realignment online.

Dougherty County school leaders said they'll start publishing periodic updates under two new tabs called zoning and realignment on their website.

They've also started sending out letters to parents and students impacted by the realignment, mostly the rising seniors and underclassmen impacted by zoning changes after the closing of Albany High School.

Friday, June 23rd is the deadline for Albany High seniors to come in and declare what school they choose for their senior year and if they are athletes.

Underclassman can come in July 10 through the 14th to verify their residency and learn more about the registration process. 

"It's important to stay informed during this time. We don't want anyone to be surprised when the first day of school comes around if their information has changed," said J.D. Sumner, DCSS Spokesperson. 

Sumner also wants parents and students to know Dougherty County School System is restructuring the magnet programs. 

The programs at Albany High are moving to Dougherty that includes law, honors and multimedia.

Southside's pre-engineering program is going to Radium Middle.

However, Westover High and Merry Acres Middle will keep their magnet programs.

All of the magnet programs will align from middle school to high school. 

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