Rain delaying some January storm clean-up

Rain delaying some January storm clean-up
(Source: WALB)

All of this rain might be helpful for easing our drought conditions, but it is causing some minor problems with storm clean-up.

230 root-balls pulled up by 85-mile per hour winds in early January are curbside for pick-up through the City of Albany's "Root Ball Round Up Initiative".

Although the city stopped accepting applications June 15, there are still 29 outstanding requests for help.

The rain this week has delayed completing the project, but a city spokesperson said the job will get done.

"Be patient with us. We are still collecting those root-balls that are on the right of way. Just due to the wet weather, the wet grounds, we have not been able to move any recently. But next week, we will be moving root-balls and our contractor, Ceres, will be coming behind us to pick them up," said Monique Broughton Knight.

In all, the city got 214 requests for help removing root-balls on private property and pulling them to the curb.

Organizers are looking at developing a similar project for the county.

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