Editorial: The Carmichael Show

Editorial: The Carmichael Show

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - NBC stations across the nation, including WALB, will be airing an episode of "The Carmichael Show" Tonight that is sure to prompt much debate and conversation!

The show has tackled many "hot" topics, including assisted suicide, the color of one's skin, both within and outside of the black community,  gay rights, and now the use of the "N" word.

WALB invites you watch the episode, airing at 9:00 PM, in hopes that the program will make us all think about the use of the word…is it ever okay to use it?

There's been much debate about its use –  the variation of the word has, to some extent, been reclaimed by some African Americans, especially hip-hop artists who argue that ONLY African Americans and not anyone else, under any circumstance, can use the word and when used by African Americans – it is a term of "endearment."

We have current examples of how the use of the word can incite anger and result in backlash!

Just two weeks ago, American comedian, and television host Bill Mahr found himself in hot water for his use of the word.  He not only apologized, but invited a dialogue with rapper/actor Ice Cube, and author Michael Eric Dyson, who "schooled" Mahr on why he shouldn't use the word.

With that as our backdrop, we hope that the "Carmichael" episode tonight will make us all think about the word and whether or not it is ever okay to use it.

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