Thomasville Police see alarming increase in car break ins.

Thomasville Police see alarming increase in car break ins.

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville Police are launching a new campaign in hopes of stopping the alarming increase of car break ins.

This past week there have been more than 40 entering autos reported in the city and county limits.

Surveillance video shows a man walking up to a car near Thomas University checking the door handle to find that it's unlocked.

It's a common theme that is leaving many folks in the Thomasville and Thomas county community without their valuables.

"The mode of operation is if they check the doors, if it's locked they are passing the vehicle if the door is unlocked they are making entry," said Capt. Maurice Holmes.

Over the weekend, someone broke into eleven cars in the city limits.

Days before that thirteen people reported their cars broken into as well

Thomas county has also seen around fifteen vehicle break ins.

As of now, police don't believe any specific neighborhoods are being targeted. It's more of a crime of opportunity.

"If you don't lock your doors it's not a matter of if its a matter of when they will enter your vehicle," said Holmes.

Investigators said the thieves could be looking for money and guns.

"Anything of monetary value, its kinda sporadic. Some they will take change out of it and some they are not," said Tim Watkins, Thomas Co. Sheriff's Office.

Police are urging the public to be a harder target - lock your doors or lose your stuff!

"They are going to keep doing it until they get caught and they probably are going to keep doing it after they get out after they get caught. It's such an easy target, such an easy thing," said Holmes.

If you recognize the man in the videos police said they want to hear from you!

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