Cherokee Park in Thomasville to be renovated

Cherokee Park in Thomasville to be renovated

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - If you visit Cherokee Lake Park in the near future you may notice some work going on.

The city will start repairs to the lake's dam, fix parts of the boardwalk, and widen the trail on the west side of the lake so that it connects to the community trail.

The construction is expected to start in July.

Thomasville City officials said this is one of the most used parks within the city.

"Even once construction begins the playground and pavilions will still be open so we encourage everyone to come and near spring we hope to bring everyone a new and improved Cherokee park," said Lauren Radford, Director of Engagement & Outreach.

City employees will be out in the park starting in July to hold community walks.

Folks can take a tour with a city planner to see where exactly these improvements will be.

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