Lifting for 2: Powerlifter honors father through competing

Lifting for 2: Powerlifter honors father through competing
Faith and her father (Source: Faith Foggy)
Faith and her father (Source: Faith Foggy)
Faith at the Atlanta Women's Open (Source: Faith Foggy)
Faith at the Atlanta Women's Open (Source: Faith Foggy)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - There's no replacement for a father's impact.

And as a budding powerlifter recently learned, it can be felt long past they leave this earth.

Don't be fooled by her tall playful socks. The woman sporting them, Faith Foggy, is an intense powerlifter.

Also don't make assumptions about what's blasting in her ears for motivation.

"People think I may be listening to some trap music," said Foggy. "But honestly I may have 'He's Able' playing."

Bumping gospel music is far from her lone stimulus.

The Albany powerlifter joined the gym when she realized her weight getting out of hand.

"Freshman 15 was nothing. It was like Freshman 25 on up," Foggy joked. "By my senior year of college it was beyond that and I (brought) a little bit of pressure to me. And on top of that dealing with the sickness of my dad and he was a big motivation for me."

As a father should, Haywood Foggy, Jr. was the source of strength for his precious daughter her whole life.

Roles reversed when the 22-year Marine veteran's deteriorating health took away his ability to walk.

"I envisioned that every step I took while running was a step he could take one day."

Running evolved to weightlifting. The former Dougherty High shot put thrower has natural strength and the unconditional support from her father.

"As far as me losing weight, I'm like, daddy I'm doing this, daddy I'm doing that, he would always say I'm proud of you."

"When it came down to me starting to lift, he was weak. His arms were pretty much just bone and I envisioned the muscle I gained was muscle I was giving to him," said Faith.

Their shared muscle propelled Faith to first place in the 2017 Atlanta Women's Open this May.

But her loving father who inspired her journey wasn't alive to witness it. Haywood Foggy, Jr. passed three years prior. That doesn't mean he wasn't right there with her when the bench press almost hindered her chances at first place.

"I'm thinking okay I'm doing it for daddy, I'm doing it for daddy. And it actually went up smoother than the last one. Because its that grind, that push. You got to really reach deep down for that inner person, that inner beast, that inner strength to really say you know what I may have a lot of weight on me but at the end of the day when I go down it must come back up," said Faith.

Foggy's win qualified her for the USAPL Raw National Powerlifting Championship in October. Her journey is far from over.

"I feel like if I give up on myself, I'm giving up on what dream he had for me."

"Year after year as I get better, who knows what's next. From nationals it's worlds, from worlds it Olympics, so you never know."

So far Faith has trained on her own.

She says she's looking for a coach to get her to where she needs to be for nationals.

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