Local law enforcement take precautions as deadly drug hits Georgia

Local law enforcement take precautions as deadly drug hits Georgia

A new wave of drugs is bringing new danger for law enforcement officers in South Georgia

"Hopefully we don't need to use it but if we do we are going to be ready," said Louis Schofill, Thomas Co. Drug Commander.

New training and gear is being provided to Thomas County deputies and drug agents.

This equipment will protect them against a new potentially lethal substance contained in homemade street drugs.

In the past week the drug has become responsible for multiple hospitalizations and possible deaths statewide.

"They are made to look like pills coming from the manufacture, they are made to look like a yellow Percocet," said Schofill,

This new deadly drug joins a list of drugs like fentanyl that can also be deadly.

The warning is not just for citizens out in the community but also law enforcement officers that might come in contact with these drugs. They have to wear masks so they can't breathe the fentanyl in and these gloves whenever handling it.

"This is how scary this stuff is, we have no way of knowing," said EMS Captain Tim Coram.

No way of knowing, any overdose situation EMS or drug agents respond to, they could easy come in contact with these deadly drugs.

That's why today Coram and Schofill decided to look into getting Narcan for officers and EMTs.

The Narcan drug reverses the shut down effects that these drugs are having on people's bodies.

"These drugs will definetly kill you, I don't know what the next one is going to be but we're going to try to stay ahead of it," said Coram.

"This isn't something that drug squad or police agencies across the county are used to but with the help of Thomas county ems to reach out and help us, we will get to where we need to be," said Schofill.

EMTs said are having to use double the amount of Narcan to combat the strength of these new drugs.

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