Choking man thanks Albany drug agents for saving his life

Choking man thanks Albany drug agents for saving his life
Kenneth Holland (Source: WALB)
Kenneth Holland (Source: WALB)
Albany Dougherty Drug Captain George Camp (Source: WALB)
Albany Dougherty Drug Captain George Camp (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Pelham family thanked Albany Dougherty Drug Unit (ADD) agents for saving their father's life.

WALB News 10's Re-Essa Buckels helped the family arrange a meeting with those officers on Tuesday night so they could formally show their gratitude.

Kenneth Holland and his family were forever grateful to the drug agents who didn't hesitate to come to his rescue when he nearly choked to death.

"I still got the fear of God in me," said Kenneth Holland.

This was Holland's first time being able to thank the heroes who saved him.

"I mean they had to be praying because I was pretty well gone," said Holland.

Last Thursday, Holland and his family had dinner at the Golden Corral when he began choking on a piece of steak.

Albany Dougherty Drug agents happened to be at lunch and seated at a table nearby.

"Nobody hesitated, everybody just jumped in. Everybody took a role, and because of that no hesitation, we're where we're at today," explained ADDU Captain George Camp.

Officers immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver.

"You were right there on your side, and about there you had turned blue," said Camp to Holland.

"After two of them guys squeezed on me and everything, I thought man if this don't get it out, I'm in trouble," remarked Holland.

After three attempts, they were able to clear his airway.

Holland passed out and had no clue who was helping him.

"We are somewhat first responders, when people are in distress regardless of what it is, we're going to jump in and do what we can to hopefully save a life," said Camp.

To Holland, they were heroes. But to the drug unit, it was an instinct that kicked in when it was needed the most.

Holland said he's passed out before due to bad nerve problems that make it difficult to swallow.

He plans to cut smaller pieces so he can enjoy another piece of steak.

Golden Corral management showed their gratitude by treating Albany Dougherty Drug Agents to tonight's meal.

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