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Albany aid operation grows months after storms

The operation is growing (Source:WALB) The operation is growing (Source:WALB)
Organizers help storm victims (Source:WALB) Organizers help storm victims (Source:WALB)
Rebekah Riddle, minister (Source:WALB) Rebekah Riddle, minister (Source:WALB)

An Albany woman is making her dreams come true, by helping neighbors affected by January's storms.

Like many, Soldiers for Christ minister Rebekah Riddle is doing that with the resources she has on hand, turning her garage into a place of hope. 

"We try to cover as many people as possible," Riddle said. "There's still people out there that still don't know and are still in need."

Riddle and her husband have been collecting items from diapers to food, and, in turn, giving them out to Albany storm victims. 

Riddle said the response from the community has been overwhelming. Just last weekend, she helped around 100 people with a free yard sale. 

 "It has become such a big hit that we just do it now so we can keep the clothes down," Riddle said.  

She adds that nooks in her garage have swelled and receded with donations over time, but she's found it a little too small to match the heart of the community.

Riddle said she's now is in need of donations or suggestions to find a bigger spot to host her operation.  

 "This is, for me, my dream," Riddle said. "I've always wanted to do it. I've always wanted to be in a position to do it. God put me in a position where I can do it. I love it." 

A love for helping others that Riddle says only continues to grow. Riddle plans to continue holding free yard sales. 

You can find out how to help her or receive donations by contacting the Soldiers for Christ Ministry at 229-603-0365.

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