Lowndes Co. officials warn against feeding stray cats

Lowndes Co. officials warn against feeding stray cats

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - Lowndes County officials said their residents' kindness is causing an increase in stray animals.

They said people are feeding strays and that actually hurts the animals' chances of being rescued.

Officials said these animals are usually afraid of people.

If they're surviving off scraps they won't develop a bond with anyone, and officials said they could remain on the street for longer.

It also thwarts officials attempts to trap animals.

"They're also not going to go into the traps that we have set because the food is what would normally pull them into the trap and if they're not hungry then they're certainly not going to check that trap out," said Paige Dukes, Public Information Officer.

County officials said the best way to help is by calling Animal Services.

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