D.A.: Social media may have led to Albany fatal shooting

D.A.: Social media may have led to Albany fatal shooting
Greg Edwards (Source: WALB)
Greg Edwards (Source: WALB)
Ashley Riverside Apartments (Source: WALB)
Ashley Riverside Apartments (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We're learning social media posts could have been what led to a deadly shooting at an Albany apartment complex over the weekend.

Two people are behind bars charged in connection with killing Anthony Wright, 21.

Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said right now, a social media post is thought of being the catalyst that led up to this fatal shooting.

Edwards said he's dealt with cases involving social media posts sparking fights, but never fights that led to someone's death.

Police said Anthony Wright was shot during a fight at the Ashley Riverside Apartments on South Jackson Street.

Police said he was able to run a short distance before collapsing.

It happened around 2:30 Sunday morning.

Darius Williams, 32, is charged with felony murder in Wright's death.

Ophelia, 23, Haggerty is charged with party to a crime.

Both of them made their first appearance before a judge Monday.

Edwards said he believes an interaction on social media led up to the shooting, though he won't give specifics at this time.

Another man, Octavious Jones, is now facing aggravated assault charges also in this case.

Edwards said investigators believe he shot at Williams and Haggerty as they were leaving the scene Sunday morning.

Edwards said social media is certainly an impetus that can lead to violence.

"Same basic principle, someone says something about you that you don't like and you get mad about it and you want to fight about it.  That's what happened in this situation as alleged," said Edwards.  "I have seen this happen with the result being fights, and some of them have been very significant situations with fights and some shootings.  This is the first homicide as alleged."

This shooting is still under investigation.

The apartment's management tells WALB they're working with APD to evaluate what their next step will be as far as security.

They said this was an incident that no one could have anticipated, and they're very sad this happened.

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