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Albany Army Specialist continues service after losing child's father

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Army Supply Specialist Nakosha Jenkins (Source: WALB) Army Supply Specialist Nakosha Jenkins (Source: WALB)
Jenkins' sister, Santanna Williams (Source: WALB) Jenkins' sister, Santanna Williams (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
John Lewis (Source: Nakosha Jenkins) John Lewis (Source: Nakosha Jenkins)

Three months ago, Army Supply Specialist Nakosha Jenkins got what she said was the worst news of her life during basic training, her child's father was murdered. 

But that didn't stop her from continuing her service. 

This week was the first time Jenkins has been back in Albany since losing her child's father.

She said it was their one-year-old daughter, Jahirah Lewis, who motivated her to continue serving her country.  

On Friday afternoon, Jenkins was in full mommy mode, but this time she would have to do it all by herself.

While in basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Jenkins received a message that would change her and her daughter's life forever. 

"I kind of froze a little bit because I didn't believe it," said Jenkins. 

Just three weeks shy of graduating, Jenkins found out her child's father, John Lewis, was gunned down.

Albany Police found Lewis' body on the intersection of Dervan Street and South Jackson on March 4th. 

At the time, Lewis had full custody of their daughter. 

Nearly seven hours away from home, Jenkins' Army buddies became her family. 

"All of my battle buddies they were also there for me," explained Jenkins. 

They also helped her get full custody of her daughter. 

Everyday, Jenkins would get an encouraging letter from her older sister Santanna Williams. 

"She took it way better than I thought," said Williams. 

"I try to give all of my problems to God...I can't handle that on my own, God said it was his time go," said Jenkins. 

"We've always been a church going family, anything that happens good or bad, we're going to pray about it," explained Williams. 

Now as a single mom, Jenkins has set goals for herself and her daughter. 

"I can always bring my daughter up a way that I know that, I want her to look up to me as a role model," said Jenkins. 

Since Jenkins' child father's death, she's graduated from basic training and advanced individual training. 

Next Friday, she will ship off to her first duty station in Alaska. 

Jenkins explained that she can't be a single parent in the military so her mom will keep her daughter until her first tour is up. 

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