Thomas Co. church rebuilt after lightning strike

Thomas Co. church rebuilt after lightning strike
May 2016 (Source:WALB)
May 2016 (Source:WALB)

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - From the outside looking in, it appears to be a normal bible study class.

But for this class and Pastor Nathan Fowler, it's a special one. It's one of the first times this group has met in the Midway Baptist Church in over a year.

A church and it's congregation rising from its own ashes.

"The scripture reference to it is, I stood and looked at the fire and the good that could come out of it," said Fowler.

Lightning stuck the church last May, leaving it completely in ruins.

For Fowler, it left him with a lot of emotions and questions.

"At the beginning of it you have a fear because people look at it as the end or something has happened and they look at it as a fatal event," said Fowler.

A broken steeple, burnt pages from a bible amongst soaking wet carpet and chunks of the roof laying on the floor is that last memory many had of this church.

This group carried on, in a building behind the church.

Fowler said that four walls and a roof don't make a church, it's the dedicated people who came to a temporary location, week after week.

"We worked together, prayed together and cried together... turned that lemon into a great deal of sweet lemonade," said Fowler.

Now with a new foundation they are able to begin again.

"It's new and it represents us," said Fowler.

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