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ASU President talks student enrollment

ASU student enrollment (Source: WALB) ASU student enrollment (Source: WALB)
Dr. Art Dunning (Source: WALB) Dr. Art Dunning (Source: WALB)

ASU President Dr. Art Dunning said the university can now be more intense about recruiting new students.

This after the newly-consolidated university finishes up its first official semester.

We sat down with Dr. Dunning Wednesday to discuss student enrollment so far. 

He said he's seen a trend in student enrollment at other newly consolidated universities, which relates to what he believes they're seeing now. 

That trend is the school sees a dip in enrollment then, over a period of time, maybe a year or two, it comes back up. 

"There are always challenges, but there are always opportunities.  But sometimes, there's uneasiness," said Dr. Dunning. "And what we've found is that this is normal.  As I've talked to presidents of the other consolidations, we all experience some of the similar concerns and some of the challenges and opportunities."

Dr. Dunning said the university is being more targeted with academic programs that are directly tied to the growth we see in our region. 

He says ASU also wants to examine academic relationships with other campuses to lessen the cost of getting an education. 

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