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Parents & students learn more about the new 4C Academy

(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)
Tamara Davis (Source: WALB) Tamara Davis (Source: WALB)
4C Academy Principal Angie Gardner (Source: WALB) 4C Academy Principal Angie Gardner (Source: WALB)
Shay Bullard (Source: WALB) Shay Bullard (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

Parents and students heard from school leaders about the new college and career academy.

"Does she come there for the courses or are faculty coming to 4C Academy," said Dougherty County parent Tamara Davis.

An important question for Davis who attended a forum on Tuesday night to learn more about the school.

Davis' daughter is a Move on When Ready student, and was concerned about her being exposed to college at a young age. 

"Get the college that they need to move on without having to be on a scary big college campus," said Davis. 

Davis found out her daughter's school, Albany High, would be closing its doors for good

"We're looking at all the options, we were already prepared that that might happen and we had already talked about the 4C Academy," explained Davis.

School leaders said all types of students are welcome. 

"I have instructed counselors to do not turn those students away, let them apply," said 4C Academy Principal Angie Gardner. 

"There's room at the table for all different learning styles, and that's going to be exciting to see it come into fruition," said Davis. 

Another parent, Shay Bullard, said her son was accepted into the school.

"The administrators or the leaders of the academy have full buy in...they seem very receiving and eager to learn," said Bullard. 

School leaders said 500 students will be accepted the first year, and 1000 in the second. 

9th graders will come to the school in afternoon and 10th graders and higher will come in the morning. 

"It is going to be safe, it's a structured environment, please don't hesitate to send your students because it's just opening this year," remarked Gardner. 

Davis was most excited about her daughter being exposed to multiple learning environments. 

"She has no choice but to flourish," said Davis. 

Davis plans to submit an application for her daughter to attend 4C Academy in the fall. 

School leaders said there would be 14 career pathways which include healthcare, manufacturing and engineering for students. 

The state predicted those careers would be in high-demand and would lead to high-paying jobs. 

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