Editorial: Medicare expansion

Editorial: Medicare expansion

Georgia is one of the 16 states, where our leadership refused to accept federal Medicaid expansion.

Over 400,000 Georgians have no health coverage. It's estimated that Georgia will be leaving $33.7 billion on the table, in this next decade, by not expanding Medicaid.

The two states nearest Georgia, Kentucky and Arkansas, that did expand Medicaid, reduced the number of citizens without health coverage by 50%.

Most counties in South Georgia have 30-40% of residents receiving Medicaid.

Our South Georgia hospitals continue to miss out on federal funds to support badly needed healthcare, that would be available through an expansion of Medicare and Medicaid in Georgia.

As we consider those who qualify to run to be our next Governor, we need to know they will stand with us on this very important issue.

We want to require our state's leadership to come up with an innovative approach that will allow those desperately needed resources to flow into our state.

It's time for Georgia to eliminate this gap in healthcare coverage, and expand Medicaid.

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