Lowndes Co. officials prep for predicted above average hurricane season

Lowndes Co. officials prep for predicted above average hurricane season

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - Last year, Lowndes County was no stranger to tropical storms.

"What we heard from the national weather service this week is that you just never know. Our forecast are our best guess, so we need to be prepared regardless," said Paige Dukes, PIO.

If a hurricane hits the coast of Georgia is more likely to bring a flood of evacuees.

A Florida hit could bring bad weather reaching into South Georgia.

"What we saw several years ago, is when we had weather hit the Florida gulf area, we would get weather and evacuees. Which was not a positive thing for us and we couldn't meet everyone's needs," said Dukes.

"You know 100,000 extra people, that stresses your response mechanism. You've got that many more people you have to take care of. Even storms that don't directly impact us, still has an effect on Lowndes County," said Ashley Tye, EMA Director.

Emergency management officials said they never stop preparing for severe weather, whether it be a hurricane or tropical storm.

EMA Director Ashley Tye said last year Hurricane Hermine showed folks in South Georgia how quickly a hurricane track can shift and head our way.

"It came in, in an area that really had not been impacted by a hurricane in a long time," said Tye.

Officials said you can never be too prepared for hurricane season.

They recommend packing a hurricane kit now with water, food, batteries, prescriptions, paperwork, and any other items you may need.

" I don't think there is a good definition for being over prepared because you just don't know," said Dukes.

This year Lowndes County emergency officials are adding one extra step to make sure folks are prepared.

They are holding a public meeting to review the forecast and answer questions anyone may have.

That meeting is scheduled for June 29th from 6 to 8pm.

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