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Suspect's brother speaks out after deadly standoff

Jermaine Brown (Source: Family) Jermaine Brown (Source: Family)
Nick Brown (Source: WALB) Nick Brown (Source: WALB)
Brierwood Drive (Google Maps) Brierwood Drive (Google Maps)
Albany deadly standoff (Source: WALB) Albany deadly standoff (Source: WALB)
Albany deadly standoff (Source: WALB) Albany deadly standoff (Source: WALB)

Earnest "Jermaine" Brown's family said there are still many questions left unanswered following an early morning standoff.

Authorities said that the Jermaine, 34, shot himself around 4:00 Wednesday morning, after police said he barricaded himself in a home on Brierwood Drive.

He was with his wife, Shonta Brown, who investigators tell us he shot her in the chest.

She was able to escape before police said she collapsed in the yard, yelling for help.

Jermaine's younger brother, Nick, said he still doesn't believe this is all real.

He said Jermaine was a loving, happy, and caring person, and this doesn't make sense.

"It ain't true, it can't be true.  I still can't believe it," said Nick.

Nick Brown said it's all like a big nightmare.

He got the call around midnight, and the rest, he said, is unfathomable.

"Fifteen missed calls saying that Jermaine killed Shonta, and shot himself.  That's when I ran over there," he said.

When he got to the home on the 2500 block of Brierwood, he said the nightmare became real.

Family members were visibly shaken by the news that Jermaine was dead, and his wife was shot in the chest.

Police said Jermaine barricaded himself inside the home, leading to a three hour standoff.

Officers said Shonta managed to escape from the home and yelled for help before collapsing in the street.

"He ain't the type to hurt her," Nick Brown said.  "He always loved his wife, he loved his family, he loved his kids, he was the peacemaker. He was there, if you called him, he would be there for you. He was always smiling.  When you saw him, he was always the happy one."

Now, police are questioning witnesses, and the victim, to find out what led up to the standoff.

Nick believes it may have been issues between the couple that escalated to this point.

But he said there are still so many questions left unanswered.

"We only got one side of the story.  There's always two sides to the story," Brown said.

Shonta was transported to Phoebe Putney Hospital by EMS. 

She had surgery Wednesday morning and is recovering.

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