Veteran reads to children to preserve true meaning of Memorial Day

Veteran reads to children to preserve true meaning of Memorial Day
Children were taught about Memorial Day (Source:WALB)
The event took place at Wendy's (Source:WALB)
The event took place at Wendy's (Source:WALB)
Wildean Easters-McClelland, veteran (Source:WALB)
Wildean Easters-McClelland, veteran (Source:WALB)

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - From beach trips to cook outs, some believe the true meaning of Memorial Days has been lost over the years, but one Tifton woman is hoping to change that, one child at a time.

 "In 1917, a hundred years ago," Wildean Easters-McClelland said, reading from a book at the Wendy's she manages.

She's teaching children about the sacrifices made by those serving in the military. 

"To many times, having done this, I ask children, do you know what Memorial Day is for, because its lost the importance to many Americans," Easters-McClelland said.

She is also a veteran.

"This is my units crest when I was in the Army," Easters-McClelland points out. "This is my brother's reserve crest."

The crest of her son and her niece are also on display in the store.

Easters-McClelland has served her country in uniform and Monday she did the same thing, but the uniform is a little different.

She's paying special attention to children reading, making crafts and talking to them to help them understand not everyone makes it home.

"If it only makes one child say, lets go put a flag next year on granddaddy's grave," Easters-McClelland said. "Then, its been worth every moment of the effort we put into it."

Effort she hopes will preserve the honor and memories of those lost forever.

A white table is in that Wendy's store year round to remember those lost in battle.

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