Local group holds 'honor the fallen by helping the living' fundraiser on Memorial Day

Local group holds 'honor the fallen by helping the living' fundraiser on Memorial Day

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - An Organization in South Georgia is spending its Memorial Day raising money to help veterans in need.

Dog Tags Support System from Cairo is hosting the "honor the fallen by helping the living" fundraiser.

As flags stand in remembrance of those who lost their life on the front line, volunteers worked Monday, and every day to make sure veterans here in South Georgia are taken care of.

"It makes you feel proud and happy to have helped someone," said Pat Christopher

Christopher and two other volunteers run Dog Tags Support System in Cairo.

No paychecks, and long hours that they said comes from the bottom of their heart. A simple way of saying thank you for your service to our South Georgia veterans.

"We've been able to help probably 100 veterans in the last year and it's building," said Christopher.

Putting roofs over their heads and food on the table are just some of the ways that this organizations helps local veterans out.

"I'm passionate because my family is a military family and I see first hand of the veterans," said Christopher.

A small group with a big mission, that they say has only just begun.

"So many of them say God Bless you, I don't know what I would have done without yalls help. That makes you feel really great," said Christopher.

The group is holding a fundraiser at the Beef O Bradys in Thomasville all day Monday.

10 percent of all sales go to the Dog Tag Support System organization.

They are also looking for volunteers for future events.

Contact the group for more info here.

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