Businesses step in to fix root ball issues

Businesses step in to fix root ball issues
Root balls are getting picked up (Source:WALB)
Pace, Scozzari, Murphree (Source:WALB)
Pace, Scozzari, Murphree (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany businesses are donating their time and resources to help city volunteers tackle the huge root ball problem still facing January storm victims.

Almost half a year later, root balls are still a reminder of the devastation caused by January's storms.

"Albany has been very good to us," Yancey Brothers employee Jim Pace said. "We know so many people that got effected. The city and county people are not only good customers, they are great friends."

But, since then, the City of Albany has devised a plan to clean them up, dubbing it the root ball round up.

Assistant City Manager Phil Roberson gave an update Tuesday. He said around 80 root balls have been removed, but the city is dependent on volunteers to do that because they can't legally go on people's property.

So, now, businesses are helping out.

"We always want to help out the community in every way we can," Flint Company worker Bill Murphree said. "With all the devastation, we had resources we could help out with. We certainly put them out there for the people."

Concrete Enterprises, Yancey Brothers, and the Flint Company have already began contributing workers and equipment.

"When you help someone that needs help, it's an invaluable feeling that you get and you never forget it," Don Scozzari, a representative from Concrete Enterprises, said.

Albany city leaders hope to move all root balls to the curb by the June 15th deadline.

With help from those business owners willing to volunteer their time and their equipment, the lives of storm victims can get back to normal a little quicker.

City officials said they hope to have all root balls removed by June 29th.

That's the deadline when contracting firm Ceres completes storm cleanup efforts.

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